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Texas Music Awards

On July 9, 2011, the Academy of Texas Music, at its 9th annual Texas Music Awards, awarded my most recent record, Since I Saw You Last, the Historical Significance Award. This award is a first-time founders award that "honors the efforts of the album to preserve for all time the fidelity of the tunes recorded and recognizes the significance of the emotion embedded in each performance."

I am absolutely stunned, humbled and, at the same time, very proud of this recognition that is naturally shared with my co-producers, Darren and Joe Osborn, and with the musicians with whom this record could not have been made - Joe, Darren, Arnie Cottrell, Dave Hoffpauir, Chris Michaels, and Brian Basco. One of the best things that can happen with a project like this record is to be able to clearly tell that there are folks who "get it." What better feedback than an award like this? (http://www.texasmusicawards.org)