Grant and Cory Batson make some of the most incredible guitars around today. Their innovative designs have taken to acoustic guitar to another level. I own two of their guitars and couldn't be a bigger fan of their work. I strongly recommend that you play a Batson guitar and see and hear what they've got going on.
My son, Sam, and our friend, Nathan, have created a line of awesome t-shirts you really should check out. They are doing some great work. Killing hubris is something we should all do wherever we go.
My friends, Nancy and Jack Canson, have done yeoman work promoting Marshall, Texas, as the Birthplace of Boogie Woogie. Their enthusiasm is boundless and their interest in the deep history of roots music in East Texas and the surrounding region is inspirational.
My friend, Debbie Buchanan Engle, regularly posts her wonderful art, poetry, and heartfelt treatment of deep subject matter on her website. It is definitely worth visiting from time-to-time to see what kind of beautiful gifts she leaves for us there.
This is the website of one of my very dearest friends, Arnie Cottrell. Arnie and I were musical partners in the mid-1970’s in the United Kingdom. He lives in Southampton, England, and is very active gigging in Southern England and around the UK. By far the finest bottleneck slide guitarist I’ve ever known and an incredible mandolin player, guitarist and singer. He has released two beautiful CD’s that I recommend very highly. You can get them on his website….you won’t be disappointed.
Darren Osborn and Denise Spohn own and operate Sandbox Recording Studio in Shreveport, Louisiana. They are wonderful people and consummate professionals. My buddy Darren did an incredible job of engineering and producing “Out Of The Past,” and played some wicked drums on several cuts.
It has been a real pleasure for me to get to know and develop an excellent friendship with Joe Osborn. Joe is arguably the most recorded bass player in history with hundreds of hit records under his belt. This Vintage Guitar Magazine interview with Joe is a good one. Pay particular attention to the list of tunes he has played on.
Roots Music Report is a website that reviews new releases for the radio industry. This was my first review. I was really pleased with it.
The boondogs are really unique “roots pop” inspired singer/songwriter musicians from Little Rock. The quality of musicianship and songwriting this band produces is very high. Get hold of their records. You will be glad you did. Plus, my boy Chris Michaels is on bass, which can only be a good thing.
This is one of my favorite websites. My son, Sam, put me on to it. Check it out.